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tv   ABC7 News at 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  May 28, 2012 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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is. >> man shot and killed by virginia la jolla police and he didn't have a gun on him and they shot 41-year-old man after brief car chase. it started when they spotted him driving without his headlights on. chase ended at wilson avenue
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and fair where officers say they saw him reach into the pocket and pull out a dark colored metal object. 7 news nick smith spoke with the family this afternoon. >> yes he had dui but he wasn't a bad guy. >>reporter: she's talking about the father of her 10-year-old son anton barrett senior shot and killed by vallejo police early this morning. >> for him not to have a gun on him for them to shoot him down like that that was brutal and wrong and i just want justice to be serve. >>reporter: they say he was driving the white lexus without headlights near intersection where they had a raw teen dui checkpoint. they went after him after he failed to stop. it stopped where they jumped out of the car and ran. he was confront id by an officer and said show the hand. instead he ran towards him. reached into his pocket and out a dark colored metal object. the
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officer said he was forced to fire on him multiple times. another officer tazed him to subdue him. he later died at the hospital from his injuries. >> only upon close examination that you would see that it is not a gun. >>reporter: cops now say the object in question wasn't a weapon. but instead the victim's wallet. >> how many times do you have to shoot to stop someone? >>reporter: she says barrett may have ran because he was afraid of getting another dui and losing his job. >> unarmed and had a card holder in his pocket. >>reporter: excessive force was used she believes and is pressing police for answers. >> when you are talking about fractions of seconds there's not a lot of time to assess. >>reporter: 7 news has learned that one of the 2 men who got out of the car and ran was anton barrett senior's son barrett junior. we also learned that all of the officer involved in that shooting are now on paid administrative leave. of.
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>> air canada plane forced to make emergency landing today after one engine quit and debris fell down from the sky on to cars. debris knocked out window and dented up the cars. plane with 3 18 passengers on board managed to stay in the air an hour and a half before landing ultimately in toronto. one passenger said quote it was definitely a surprise. surely was that. nobody was injured. air canada says it is of course investigating. >> vicious computer virus ripping through the middle east tonight. computer security experts say it could be the most sophisticated cyberweapon in history. most of the computer attack have been in iran but the virus called flame also hit israel, pal signs, lebanon and egypt. researchers in russia discovered it while working on project for the united nations. one expert says the virus is like an industrial vacuum cleansing for information that is sensitive. it steals information from
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every computer it touches and disso quickly. researchers at this lab say the virus is a complex set of operations including sniffing the network traffic, taking screen shots, recording audio conversations, intercepting the keyboard and essentially acting as massive data global collection tool. the virus is 20 times more complicated the malwear believed to be behind the cyberattack on iran program in 09-10. the virus is likely to be state sponsored but it's extremely damaging say experts. >> here in the bay area. another somber reminder of what memorial day is all about. today we learn one of the latest fallen soldiers is from saline always. defense department today announced 21-year-old specialist bill mar died in afghanistan this weekend. corina has this story. >> these pictures of specialist
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are from the facebook page as the smile suggest and his friends will tell you, he proudly served his country. >> is bill was very proud of serving this great country. doing what he loved. >>reporter: he graduate from salinas high school in 2008. the 21-year-old soldier died on saturday. the department of defense says emy forces attacked the unit with aneurysm ed in the kandahar province of afghanistan. his remains arrived at dover air force bas base. the mayor of salinas heard about the tragedy just after he attended an annual memorial day service today. at the time death marks the eighth service member from monterey county to have died in iraq or afghanistan. >> the purpose of the ceremony is to remind us. for it to be that living, that real, that
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precise a particularly painful reminder. >>reporter: stt parents live in this salinas apartment. door and window express their pride. inside the walls are covered with photos and scholastic achievement of their children. there are plaque from perfect attendance for he and his sister who also serves in the military. today the family was out of town to receive the body of their eldest child. [ speaking spanish]. >> his family has hard time believing he's gochbility he was a very loved son. >>reporter: defense spokesperson told me they weren't prepared today to release any add until information about specialist bill service when he entered the military or if or how many of his fellow soldiers were hurt or killed in that enemy attack. in salinas, abc 7 new news. memorial day observance all over the bay. one in walnut
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creek featured 2 american service men who have been neighbors for years. they share a powerful bond that goes all the way back to world war ii. but as jonathan explains it took more than half century to actually realize it. >> the aerment. please stand to be recognized. >>reporter: many of the veteran gathered here joined the army in the second world war but not bob. >> i wanted to get in the air force because i didn't want to walk. >>reporter: things didn't quite work out that way. when his bomber went down and he parachuted into the german countryside. >> unfortunately i had landed one quarter of a mile from hitler youth camp. >>reporter: he was taken prisoner and spent the next three months being forced to walk from one prison camp to the another. until his captor accidentally came face-to-face with the american 104th infantry.
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>> dick beginning ramp outfit. dick get up here. >> happy liberation. >>reporter: independently both men moved to walnut creek. >> it was years later that the i first ran in bob at st. paul's church up here. >>reporter: in addition to the metal from the service the stories earned them a standing ovation. each men hope to teach something sharing the story this memorial day. for dick partly about the little bit of laughter can get you through the toughest of times. >> there are humorous moments in combat. not very many but there are some. >>reporter: for bob it's about not taking freedom for granted. >> we the older generation, you know, gave them that freedom. and they have got to pass it on to their next generation. [ taps]. >>reporter: in walnut creek, abc 7 news. honoring thoughts who serve
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this memorial day. as we continue here tonight. rescue on the mountain. >> what is your emergency? >> i'm in an airplane and i crashed. >> california family crashes into a snowy hillside. 15 hour ordeal to save their lives. >> of summer like warmth in the fork this week. i'll show you what days coming up. >> and crash landing in san diego bay. we have the audio of what was happening in the cockpit when this plane went down. stay with us. 7 news at down. stay with us. 7 news at 9:00 continues rate here in a
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>> share with you an extraordinary story of survival in the night. northern california family whose small plane crashed on steep mountain side in idaho. snow falling. temperature were dropping. but the family never gave up hope. here's cecelia. >> whether is your emergency. >> hi. i'm in an airplane and i crashed. >>reporter: they were trapped. father mother daughter inside their mangled cessna. on a remote snow idaho mountain. >> i need you to send a search party, please. >>reporter: it was 9:00 p.m. on saturday when the browns went down. father brian in the cockpit telling his wife and
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daughter i don't think we are going to make it. somehow they did. spending entire night 15 hours in the low freezing white how the conditions. windshield smashed. own blood on the doo door. >> okay. get up and walk around. my head is split open pretty gishtion fire captain from northern california usually it's brian doing the rescuing. this time his family needed help. daughter heather had pelvic injuries. mother jay ann injured her head and back. >> how is the weather? where you are at. >> snow. >>reporter: they stayed calm. starting a fire with the plane fuel ceiling off the cabin to keep warm. medical helicopter spotted the wreckage but to get to the family, ground crew had to trek through 6 foot snow drift down 60 degree mountain slopes. >> it was slick. wet. icey. everything you don't want to have finally family hoisted 1 by 1 to safety above.
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>> they were very lucky. >> lucky and tonight thankful. to be in a hospital recooperat recooperateing together. abc news, los angeles. >> really incredible. cool head. frightening moments for 2 men in a single engine plane over san diego. they were forced to make emergency landing when the engine stoppe stopped. >> my gosh it's going to hit that. >> oh, my gosh. oh, my gosh. oh, my gosh. >> well watch. this is amateur video of the plane coming down in san diego bay on saturday. plane was flying advertising banner when police say it just had a mechanical failure. police released the pilot radio recordings from just before the plane went down. listen. >> may day may day we lost our engine. going down in the water. crap. >> men inside were not hurt. they were rescued by good samaritan. sav salvage company pulled the plane from the water intact. as you heard they remained calm as they dealt with the emergency. >> well rate now seismic work
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on the closed span of the bridge here is 75 percent complete. cal-trans says craw making good time and the bridge is right on track to reopen at 5:00 a.m. tomorrow after being closed for the holiday wean. since friday. crews today completed installing a new seismic joint on the western part of the bridge. it will help absorb the shock of the earthquake. and then build new create barrier. >> go into the early hours of tuesday morning. and then we'll stripe and klein and open up the deck to motorist. >>reporter: 60 million dollar retrofit project started two years ago and should be completely done next year. but again the good news is cal-trans says it's right on schedule. should open by 5:00 a.m. tomorrow morning in time for the commute. >> let's talk about the weathe weather. spencer off. sandy is here. unofficial start of
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summer so why does it feel like fall? >> question. question the. dan. >> a little cool. >> it was cool today. compared to spring standards good 10 degrees below where you should be for this time of year on average. but it's because of a deep had a arena layer. trough passing through. we have sea breeze. combination of things. >> of we got robbed. >> exactly. warmer weather headed your way. show you just how warm in just a moment of. >> live picture rate now. view from the high definition emeryville camera. we lack at interstate 80 there you can see the traffic is just heading back where they need to go and tomorrow as many of you go back to work, we are expecting slightly warmer conditions bay side and inland. let me show you the satellite picture from this afternoon. patchy clouds we did have cleared away and we enjoyed nice looking day but definitely breezy under mostly
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sunny for the monday afternoon. winds really dropped off. look at the wind speed rate now 20 miles an hour at fairfield earlier gust as high as 30 miles an hour but most other areas about 17 or less. here are the current temperatures all in the 50's at this hour and skies are clear but not for long. we are expecting the low clouds to redevelop and become wide spread in the overnight hours turning sunny tomorrow afternoon and warmer weather on wednesday and thursday you will feel the difference. look at the satellite and radar. higher pressure control our weather wednesday and thursday and starts to take over. so we see warmer days both wednesday thursday. not just inland. see the warming bay side and coast as well. but tomorrow morning we are expecting wide spread clouds and cool start to your tuesday morning. grab a sweater or jacket. 47 degrees first thing tomorrow santa cruz morgan hill. vl san rafael one of the cooler locations santa
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rosa at 46 degrees. low 60's around the coast and bay. 48 for you first thing tomorrow morning in livermore. tomorrow afternoon 72 degree day in san jose. a little warmer breezy. peninsula 68 in redwood city. palo alto up to 70 in los alto altos. cool breezy cloudy in pacifica. 57 degrees in you need hang on tight as the wind continues to howl. 62 in downtown san francisco. 56 in daily city. in the north bay north bay warming there. mid 70's santa rosa, novato, sonom sonoma, nap a.east bay turning sunny but breezy. 65 in oakland. san leandro. inland temperatures coming up just a little bit. 74 for livermore. monterey bay 58 in monterey up to 74 inland gilroy accu-weather 7 day forecast minor warm-up tomorrow mainly warm-up coming as we head into your wednesday and thursday. thursday friday you see low 90's inland. low to mid 60's
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coast side wide range of temperature then we cool it off a little bit for the weekend. partly cloudy and breezy. but still in the 80's inland. upper 50's to low 60's coast side. >> still breezy. >> absolutely. thanks very much. >> as we continue. terror suspect fights for his freedom. coming up. how the olympic games are standing in his way. >> and life after death 10 million year recovery from the planet worst disaster. 7 news planet worst disaster. 7 news at 9 continues right after
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>> over sea ins syria and staggering number emerging tonight. more than 3 dozen children, children lost in the latest attack and brand new pressure tonight not only from the united states but from russia as well. so is this a turning point in the region?
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here's alex. >>reporter: death toll went up again today. united nations now says that 49 children were killed in this massacre. image appear to show that many of them were killed at close rang range. opposition activist in the village say that after an initial artillery and tank assault, the government backed thug went from house to house somewhating and stabbing. but the government says that these accusations are quota tsunami of lies. the un special envoy arrived in the capitol today saying he was shocked and horrified by these deaths. even russia one of syria clost ally has joined the rest of the un security council in condemning syria use of tank and heavy artillery. and that is important because the white house wants russia to go even farther and pressure syrian president assad to step aside. the death toll went up again today. united nations now that's 49 children were killed in that massacre. these graphic image appear to show
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that many were killed at close range. opposition activist in the village say that after an initial artillery and tank assault that government back thug went from house to house shooting and stabbing but the government says that these accusations are a tsunami of lies. un special envoy arrived from saying he was shocked and horrified by these deaths. even russia one of syria clos closest ally joined the other members of the un security council in condemning syria use of tank and heavy artillery. and that's important because white house wants russia to go even farther and join them in calling for president assad to step down. but today moscow indicated that that's not going to happen any time soon. this is abc news. >> british government is denying bail to muslim cleric. they say his release would put too much of a stranded on police during the summer olympics being held in london. he's accused of giving spiritual inspiration to one of
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the nine 11 hijackers. he was also considered osama bin laden man in europe. he's fighting deportation. court rejected bail during the legal process saying could it compromise olympic security if he escaped. summer games run from july 27th to august 12 in london. >> new clue tonight about earth greatest mass extinction event. happened 250 million years ago. scientist say it was so severe that it took 10 million years for the plan tote actually recover. one species of plant and animal survived. 96 percent of all marine species died. scorpion, certain star fish were permanently made extinct. 2% of snils and squid survived just 2%. disaster occurred when the earth continent were marked up into one land mass that we know as pan. extinction tryingrd by a combination of global warming acid rain and acid in the ocea
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ocean. >> when 7 news at 9:00 continues here tonight. facebook phone up next. company mav into the mobile phone business and odds of making it work. >> lake tahoe. ski resort transforing themselves into year round play grounds. >> and support falling fast for the tobacco tax initiative and millions of reasons why another [ mechanical humming ] [ male announcer ] we began with the rx. ♪ then we turned the page, creating the rx hybrid. ♪ now we've turned the page again with the all-new rx f sport. ♪ this is the next chapter for the rx. this is the next chapter for lexus. this is the pursuit of perfection.
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>> good evening again thanks for tuning in this evening. start this half hour in silicon valley where the buzz tonight is that facebook is working on mobile phone. it could be using cash from its recent i p o to pay for the development. of david is looking into it.
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we know facebook is a social network so why does it neet need its own mobile phone. >> they don't need a phone they have plenty of app to run on phone but controlling their own ecosystem open the phone, not only run facebook but facebook could have the own app the way apple and android doyshtion it could help facebook become a major mobile advertising platform. facebook generates the income from ads on line. critic say it's behind in making mobile a money maker. google facing the same issue and that led to the creation of the app dried operating system for mobile device. google even developed the own phone called the nexus 1 built for google a taiwan company with factory in china. however making a phone isn't as easy as it sounds. >> it is hard to do a phone. first of all you have the technical issue. second of all you have the ecosystem of the carrier and the carrier are difficult company to do business with. steve jobs
9:31 pm
called them or physician referring to something you had to get through. >>reporter: apple succeedd with i-phone and google complete add 14 billion dollar deal to acquire motor role a mobility. that could lead to new breed of google made phone phones. facebook could do a similar deal flush that it is with escape billion dollars raised from the i p o. but reports indicate busy recruiting engineers who work on the i-phone. that could mean it wants to create its phone in house. >> i think facebook challenge is to not be a one trick pony. has to have multiple product if it's worth 100 billion dollars or more. certainly having a phone and lieutenants of apps and ecosystem around that theoretically could bring them a lot of money. >> now that facebook is a public company it's under increased pressure to keep growing revenue. and the phone project just could be the answer. in san jose, david louie abc 7 news. airlines told to knock it off or face regulations when it comes to family travel. additional fee for aisle and
9:32 pm
window seats mean family must pay more or allow their children to sit with strangers. now new york senator charles schumer is asking air lanes to rethink any policy that separates families. no word yet from the airlines. but they are under some pressure. memorial day weekend marks unofficial start of summer and the resort at lake tahoe desperately hoping summer works out better for them than this winter today. of laura tourism at tahoe. >> it's a beautiful area. i highly recommend hiking there especially in the summer. >>reporter: with mediocre winter now fading memory all eye around lake tahoe promoting the area many other assets. the heavenly ran the gondola this weekend to give visitors a bird eye view of all tahoe has to offer once the snow melts. including a world class ski area that turns itself into a family playground. >> we like to expand our summer
9:33 pm
offering for our guest and offering everything from hiking to god la raids to sight seein seeing. there's adventure zone for children and climbing wall and summer tube tubing. >>reporter: she owns sealed with a kiss clothing store at the base of the heavenly gondola a.after nine years here she knows better than to measure her success by one season. >> business owners need to be prepared for that. . we don't look at week to week or month-to-month i look at my business over three year years. if i don't have a season one year the next year i will. >>reporter: state line casino hotel won't rely on gambling alone to pull in customers. the owners of harrah and harvey building a 7500 seat concert arena that feature a series of big names through the summer. >> big country act are coming in. brad paisley. we have toby keith come n.maroon 5. t they are as hot as ever. >> winter was tough. >>reporter: pat a resort owner and chairman of the lake tahoe visitor authority. menial day
9:34 pm
weekend is always a bit ify because of the weather. but he and others are banking on a big summer. >> there's demand. people want to do something they haven't done it for years yet they have money but nervous about spending. at this point from everybody i have talked to we are up at least 10 to 15 even 20 percent for advance bookings for this summer. >> however the next couple of months this is the only kind of ice they would like to see up here at lake tahoe. a little tip for those planning to come up. i'm told because of the shakey economy there are a lot of deals still to be had so be sure to shop around before you book the trip. abc 7 news. >> 40 million dollar advertis advertising glitch seems to be making a difference in swaiing public opinion on proposition 29. tobacco tax initiative on the june ballot. public policy institute poll show support for prop 29 at 53 percent. that is down 14 points since march. slip in support coincides with
9:35 pm
ads campaign financed by the tobacco industry bank rolling opposition. here's corina. >> proposition 29 would make smoking more expensive. if passed it would add dollar tax to every pack of cigarettes bringing total tax to 1.87. ads for and against are everywhere. >> it imposes nearly 1 billion dollars in new taxes on californians. >> 29 will save lives. keep kids from smoking and support cancer research. >>reporter: the tax would raise estimated 7 35 million dollars a year. non-partisan legislative analyst office says more than 80 percent of the money would directly fund cancer research and prevention program. carol baker lost a loved 1 to kearns and is long time volunteer with the american cancer society. >> they have put into it what they think needs to happen so that we cap get a cure for cancer. all cancer and all tobacco related diseases. >>reporter: george is a member of the state board of squall
9:36 pm
sayings and opposes prop 29. in part because he says the initiative creates uncheck bury okay race. >> every taxpayer has the right tone sure that the tax dollars are being used correctly. not conflict of interest. >>reporter: non-profit supporters say the proposition is carefully crafted to dictate how the money is spent using citizen oversight committee with annual review. last time california voters passed a tobacco tax increase was 13 years ago. amount was 50 cents a pack voters nearly defeated tax increase in 2006 and cigarette manufacturers want the same outcome again. tobacco companies topped the list of contributors spending more than 40 million dollars to defeat the tax. california of republic cap party and taxpayer group are also donors. suppor supporters of prop 29 spending about one-fourth that amount trying to secure funding for cancer research. in addition to various medical organizations, the lance
9:37 pm
armstrong foundation and new york mayor bloomberg support prop 29. advocate say the dollar tax will keep 220,000 young people from ever smoking. and prompt another 100,000 adults to quit. >> there is a simple linear relationship between price of cigarettes and university smoking. >>reporter: critic argue the money raised by the tax could fund cancer research out of state while supporters point to dozens of california references in the initiative language. groups such as hispanic chamber of commerce also worry tax will hurt those who can least afford it which is why tobacco company advertise in english and span i are. >> we are taxing the poor that what we want? that's what we are going to get. >>reporter: if approved the dollar a pack tax would take effect october 1st. in san jose, abc 7 news. no ordinary holiday bike
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ride. wounded vet rap begin incredible journey for very special reason. >> the few more of the way that the bay area honored its the bay area honored its veterans today. i'll be back 
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>> one of the world largest most impressive naval vessels spent part of memorial day weekend in san francisco bay. uss nimitz sailed into the bay yesterday to join the 75 anniversary celebration for the golden gate bridge. the aircraft carrier has a crew of about 3000 people. the nimitz is named for admiral chester nimitz who commanded naval forces in the pacific during world war ii. nimitz lived here. he's buried in golden gate national cemetery by the way in san bruno.
9:42 pm
>> nearly 2 dozen wounded military veterans began a special journey in san francisco presidio today. they are going on a cross country bike ride. of kate explains why. . >> army specialist lost the use of his legs serving his country he was a cyclist before that and he see no, sir reason to not be a cyclist now. >> fortunately there is option of hand cycle to keep cycling. >>reporter: he's one of 21 wounded soldiers undertaking this incredible fete. 2 others are blind and riding tandem. still others have traumatic bain injuries. cycling from san francisco to virginia beac beach. it's a 4000 mile, 68 day trip. they are not doing it though to raise money. rather to raise spirits. >> people serving our country are everyone else whether able-bodied or disabled. may have lost a leg but they haven't lost their hearts. they haven't lost their minds.
9:43 pm
they haven't lost their soul to be great americans. >>reporter: it's called sea to shining sea and the cyclist are shining example of strength and inspiration. >> so many people made so many sacrifice whether with life or limb. >> in every day life you don't encounter those people that make the sacrifice. some will on this ride. >>reporter: this is abc 7 new news. >> of course there were quite a few memorial day events in the bay area today. share some sights and sounds from some of them da tonight. >> i pledge allegiance to the flag of the united states of america. and to the republic for which it stands, one natio
9:44 pm
nation, under god, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all. >> the navy. subpoena [ taps]. >> i'm lucky. as long as i have been in the military i have always felt that i was i was fully supported. my family. friends. and our neighbors. when my dad served years ago and when he returned from his deployment he had a much harder time coming in. >> that was colonel gregory
9:45 pm
butt speak daing at the arsenal post cemetery. part of our memorial day observances around the bay area day. come up nex next. man some say the world next. man some say the world greatest bar tend theer ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ [ transforming sounds ] [ male announcer ] transformers. the ride. ride it at universal studios hollywood. ♪ . >> if you miss the it or maybe can't get enough here it is again incredible fireworks that lit up the sky last night celebrating the golden gate bridge 75th birth day. only the second time fireworks were setoff from the bridge itself. first time they were accompanied by a light show. but it was really something else last night. pretty cool we wanted to share with you again. let's go back and talk to sandy with the forecast as
9:49 pm
we start another week on cool note. >> cool note indeed. dan warming up real quickly here later on this week. tomorrow afternoon we see just a few degrees of warming. so we go with 77 in antioch. concord up in the mid 70's. same thing napa. santa rosa. around the bay 65 in oakland. 68 in palo alto. san francisco 62 degrees not much warming here along the coast line where clouds and the breeze will keep you from warming too much. 59 degrees in half moon bay. accu-weather 7 day forecast is much warmer. wednesday and thursday t.90's on friday. coastal areas if the low mid 60's and then cool off just a little bit. breezy for the weekend but not expected to be a repeat of the past weekend when temperatures were running well below average for this time of year. >> okay thanks very much. >> now to man who in today's language is called a flare tender. bar tend whore often juggle and does magic trick
9:50 pm
while on the job. man you are about to see was on ukraine got about to see was on ukraine got talent. watch. >> can you believe this guy. i don't know if he won but sure hit with the judges. that's pretty incredible. how many hours of practice was. that tom cruise eat your heart out.
9:51 pm
>> that could also be called? my 4 years in college. >> okay show it the to us larr larry. >> you never reached that level. >> reminded me. yes. dedicated to my craft. visitor from the past. drops in on the giants. barry bonds on his future and what he would like future and what he would like to do next. with the giants
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>> coming up tonight at 11:00 o'clock. huge tree comes crashing counsel in san francisco tonight smashing in the roof of a car. lines down. power is out. we have the very latest for you on it. >> and elevator out of order. hundreds of elderly people who are stuck. others forced to make a 12 story climb to safety. that's ahead in one hour on 7 news at 11:00 over on channel 7. hope you can tune in for. that move on to larry all the sports tonight. a lot of baseball. >> and barry bonds appearance at at&t park. former giants superstar was at at&t this
9:55 pm
afternoon. referred to himself as a convicted felon now looking to move on with his life. perhaps as coach with the giants. bonds noticeably leaner now says he's down to 212 pound. that cycling these days. couple of surgery recently. coming back from. that home run king is appealing his conviction on obstruction of justice. bonds making just his first visit to the park this season alongside john miller there. >> love being out here. look at this. look at this stadium. special place. do you miss i it. >> i love it here. this is why we all perform to come out and give our fans the greatest show that we can put on. every single day. day in day out that's what you come here for. >>reporter: giants and diamondbacks on memorial day triple amputee corporal nick throne throwing out the first pitch. nice moment there. fvl double steal in the first. if safe. nice base running by the
9:56 pm
giants. 1 nothing. now 3 nothing. double to left cente center. manny score and 6 innings allowed 4 runs. another former barry 7 strong frames allowed 2 runs. solo pie eighth. giant lead cut to 4-2. threaten. gets the long fly ball with two men down. able to rundown. that look dangerous for a second. but the giants prevail 4-2. how about the a's in minnesota. 6 game road trip and frozen for a second and now moving. josh continues to tarot up. here it comes and there it goes. 10 home they are month. 14 on the season in the second. the hawaiian style. off scott diamond. you always laugh when i do those references in the hawaiian. i'll teach you opinion along the way. to highlights. ryan cook not
9:57 pm
allowed a run for 23 innings this season. of pwloopd in the 8 and tied at 4. next batter with a sac. fly. former athletic tag and score winning run. 5-4 final. sixth consecutive loss for the a's. college baseball news today. stanford will be hosting one of 16 regional this weekend in the ncaa baseball tournament. cardinal welcoming pepperdine michigan state and fresno stat state. cardinal with a record of 55 and 12. open against fresno this friday at 6:00 p.m. . to the nba. boston celtics came out of a grueling 7 game series with phillies on saturday night. ran in arrested and ready miami heat squad. game one of the eastern conference finals. lebron james he was ready from the start. everybody frozen for a second before they get started. did a lot of this and wade did a lot of that and boston did a lot of missing. lebron had 32
9:58 pm
points and 13 rebound. miami crosses to victory. i wish i had a better reenactment for you. you thought it was good. >> excellent. >> well, any way. 93 to 79. miami takes game 1. nba draft lottery coming up on wednesday. today the warriors continue to bring in talent to evaluate. among those working out. boston celtics. we have had not one of the shows in awhile. interesting test of the broadcast skill. >> you learned tonight college. >> i'll start mixing drinks here in a few sec. that's more entertaining. all right. i'm unthe impression no tape to scroll? all right. so talk among yourselves. okay. let me just tell you that there was a mail stone today for roger federer. he is now tied jimmy connor for
9:59 pm
record of 2 33 grand slam win. able to beat the player of germany in 3 sets. if a big come back here. without video thinks much tougher job. >> we want to see you mixing drinks. >> hear you go. here's your drink. >> larry bravo. >> it might be something in there, dan. >> we toast you because that's always difficult when the video machine locks up completely. thanks. >> hear about my vacation plans? we have a lot of time to kill at this point. >> we are good. >> all right i think we should quit while we are desperately hype. that's this edition of 7 news at 9:00 here on coffee tv 20. my part is working. for all of us here, thanks for watching. appreciate your time. see you in 1 hour. get the tape machine


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